Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web, after Google?

YouTube Sponsored Videos now allows marketers, content partners and users to take advantage of the YouTube search functionality by promoting their content in a dynamic auction-based marketplace. Similar to Google AdWords, YouTube Sponsored Videos leverages keyword targeting and Cost-per-Click bidding within YouTube search results.

To promote their back-to-school penny product sale, OfficeMax created a series of eleven hidden camera videos in which pranks are pulled on unsuspecting strangers. With just six weeks to drive buzz and awareness before the back-to-school season came to an end, OfficeMax did not have time to let an audience form organically over time. To drive immediate awareness of their videos and generate viral views, OfficeMax participated in the beta release of YouTube Sponsored Videos. When users searched on “OfficeMax”, “funny pranks” or “penny pranks”, for example, an OfficeMax ad appeared next to search results, directing the user to watch the video.

Watch the OfficeMax video case study to learn more about the success of the “Penny Pranks” campaign and the power of YouTube Sponsored Videos.

For more information about YouTube Sponsored Videos, visit: https://ads.youtube.com/