The government’s Cash for Clunkers program taught us that when incented, consumers will buy.

The program generated nearly 700,000 new car sales, and dealers turned in vouchers totaling $2.88 Billion. Prepare yourselves to take advantage of the Cash for Appliances program!

Congress has authorized $300M in rebates for energy efficient appliances. Rebates will range between $50 and $200 and will vary by state.

Consumers have already started searching! Using Google Insights for Search, we see that search interest in 'cash for appliances' and 'appliance rebate' have upticked over the last weeks.

The appliances rebates will be available in late fall. Now is the time to incorporate this program into your marketing and position yourself to capture the sales.

Cash for Appliances Online Marketing Tips:

1. Get in the game early. Consumers are already searching for Cash for Appliances. Other advertisers will be there in time for the program’s launch.

2. Create a Cash for Appliances Search campaign to capture consumer interest. Add Cash for Appliances keywords. Add “cash for” and “rebate” terms to all product lines.

3. Create relevant ad text. Start now with “coming soon” copy. Adjust copy as the program is launched and continue with post-event special offers.

4. Take users to a landing page with Energy Star Appliances. Provide details on the Cash for Appliances process. Call out Energy Star approval. Allow users to search for qualifying appliances

5. Contextually target Display ads to reach users who are researching the program.

Consumers are still cautious, but are responsive to incentives. Act now to reap the benefits of the Cash for Appliances program!