With swimsuit season just around the corner, spring vacation planning and the anticipation of beach-worthy weather is driving people to search for the most flattering swimsuits. In fact, the central US is showing its wanderlust for warm weather by dominating the regional search volume rankings of swimwear terms in Google Insights for Search.

Search trends indicate that one piece swimsuits and tankinis will be a hit this year despite fashion show stand outs including cutouts, plunging necklines & one shoulder designs in various bright colors and graphical prints. [1] Be on the lookout for a swing in search queries towards designer looks as the swimsuit season heats up.

Sources: "Swimwear Trends for 2010," Paula Darnell (http://petite.about.com/od/springsummer2010/ss/swimtrends2010_10.htm)

Keri Overman