Most the year is spent following a healthy diet but when the holidays approach, many people indulge themselves in otherwise forbidden treats. The same is true for Holiday shoppers. They save all year to splurge on gifts for their loved ones during the Holiday season. Online is a key purchase channel for Holiday shoppers looking to exercise their wallets, with 2010 comScore e-commerce forecasts predicting a record-breaking sales year ($32.4 billion, a staggering 11% growth from last year).

How are advertisers capturing online Holiday shoppers?

Focusing on Awareness
Consumers looking for the perfect gift who don’t have a specific gift in mind are great targets for awareness messaging. Ensure you are reaching these consumers by advertising on general gifting terms such as “gifts for him”, “gifts for dad” and “gift ideas”.

Retailer Holiday sales, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, promote purchase with limited offers. Although several major retail shopping days have passed, daily or weekly specials are great advertising tactics to spur urgency around purchases. Trends support that consumers are looking for daily deals more than ever before.

Shoppers also respond to incentives such as free or discounted shipping. Position your offers prominently in your advertising creative to lure in deal-seeking consumers.

Offering Crowd Control
Although deals are often top of mind, the convenience of in-store pickup is also attractive to consumers looking to avoid a crowded shopping experience with lengthy lines. Google Insights for Search documents the rising popularity of in-store pickup over the years.

Retailers that offer in-store should capitalize on this trend with creative messaging and coverage on key in-store pickup terms.

With consumers ready to exercise their wallets this Holiday online, don’t miss out on the online shopping surge. Be present on broad and specific gift terms with various incentive-based messages to ensure maximum market share.

Posted by Keri Overman, Google Retail Team