We all know that moms are amazing multi-taskers, the savviest of shoppers, and maintain order in the most hectic of households. But today’s mom is also hip to adopt the latest and greatest gadgets.

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas highlighted this trend by showing off gadgets for moms in the first-ever “Mommy tech” lifestyle exhibit. Device manufacturers and retailers recognize this and are increasingly reaching out to this segment, which makes 80% of household purchases and spends $1.7 trillion annually.

Gadget-makers are appealing to the time-constrained mom who wants to do it all with tablets, smartphone apps, fitness gadgets, and even high-tech baby monitors. All this “Mommy Tech” created some serious buzz and interest at CES.

What manufacturers and retailers may also know is that this is only the start of the conversation…moms tend to talk. In fact, moms mention on average 73 brands during the course of a week, and 56% of moms are likely to pass along what they hear to others.

CE manufacturers are off to a great start in recognizing the purchasing power of this audience; they need to continue to give Moms something to talk about by to delivering relevant messaging and products.

Posted by Allison Berger, Google Technology Team