Lately it seems that Mother Nature has been sending us a message. With recent natural disasters happening around the world, consumers are heading her warning signs and switching to environmentally friendly products. Consumers of every nationality will be united in the quest to give back to the environment on Earth Day. Advertisers are scrambling to get their “green” inventory into the limelight. How can you stand out? Here are a few tricks to help you shine.

Position inventory
Build unique landing pages for environmentally friendly products and tout inventory in ad creative.

Capture procrastinators
Searches for green and environmentally friendly products reach their peak on Earth Day. Give consumers last minute ideas to participate in the holiday and keep budgets open to avoid missing valuable traffic on the most revenue-bearing day for green items.

Highlight a cause
Since you can’t reach Mother Nature, your best bet is reaching your consumers. Now is a good time to position your brand as environmentally conscientious. By educating your consumers on how you participate in Earth Day, you can reap the benefits of positive brand association.

Even if you don’t offer green products, let consumers know proceeds from your sales go to an environmental or relief cause during the weeks leading up to Earth Day if that is the case.

Happy Earth Day from Google Retail!

Posted by Keri Overman, Google Retail Team