Consumers are ready to have the Holidays back. When asked where they plan to make purchases this season, many indicated that they are focused on practical categories such as apparel (81%) and electronics for the home (50%). However, many are also looking to make purchases in the entertainment (69%), toys (64%), and jewelry (51%) categories.

In the technology industry, we see consumers honing in on video games (55%), digital cameras (36%), and MP3 players (33%).
Keep an eye on these key categories and hot products this holiday season and ensure you’re allocating your online marketing budgets appropriately to capitalize on demand and consumer interest.

Source: Google/OTX Consumer Intentions for Holiday 2009, 9/09. (S11) Listed below are a variety of products or services that you may purchase for yourself or someone else during the upcoming Holiday Season. Which of the following do you plan to shop for or purchase? n=2002.