More and more people worldwide are accessing the web with their mobile phones and, as we heard Monday, retailers are looking to leverage consumer use of emerging media this holiday. This year, half of all new internet connections will come from mobile phones. [1] As mobile internet usage is on the rise, so too is mobile search. In fact, compared to last year, mobile search traffic has grown significantly.

Source: Google internal data

What does this mean for retailers? It means big opportunity. One way to capture this opportunity is to enable mobile users to find your nearest store locations. About 1 in 3 mobile search queries has local intent . [2] Mobile advertising can help you drive more traffic to stores by offering a way to reach customers who are close to point-of-sale and want to spend now.

In addition to driving purchases in-store, mobile advertising can motivate users to purchase directly on their mobile devices. Mobile users aren't just spending money on mobile content and apps. One in three US web buyers who used their mobile phones to make a purchase spent over $50, buying a range of items including electronics, clothing, books and jewelry .[3]

If you'd like to create a mobile ad campaign within AdWords, check out this FAQ to learn about your options.

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