Think it’s too late to launch an online campaign to drive sales this Memorial Day weekend? Think again! With Memorial Day less than two weeks away, now is the time to really hunker down and make sure your campaigns are ready for the first long weekend of the summer! Here are a few points to consider:

While this could easily be the topic of another post entirely, it’s worth pointing out that on big holiday weekends, consumers are looking to take advantage of the extra time off and do some shopping. If your business is offering Memorial Day weekend promotions, it’s never too late to get the word out about those deals! Don’t have time to create new ad copy? Consider leveraging sitelinks within your campaigns to highlight Memorial Day sales, printable coupons or even special online-to-store pickup and return policies! Using Google Insights for Search, we can see that the search volume for [printable coupons] experienced a bump around Memorial Day in 2010, and is expected to do the same again this year:

Big Ticket Items
Big ticket items, such as furniture, mattresses, and appliances aren’t usually purchased on a whim. Due to the large financial commitment, these purchases are often the result of a joint decision making process. With routinely busy schedules, what better time to plan a family shopping trip than a long weekend? Google search trends back this up. Take the term [mattress sales], for instance. In 2010 this term experienced the greatest search volume in the days leading up to Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend and Black Friday, as illustrated here:

The same holds true for [furniture sales]:

If you’re a retailer in this space, make sure to capitalize on this opportunity! Whether or not you have brick and mortar locations, now is the time to get your deals in front of potential customers!

After you’ve spruced up your campaigns for the long weekend, sit back, relax and have a cold glass of lemonade in honor of our soldiers past and present. Happy Memorial Day!

Posted by Erin Maddens, The Google Retail Team