Last year, we introduced Google Trusted Stores in the US to help consumers shop online with confidence while creating new opportunities for businesses to build trust and loyalty with their customers. Since then, we’ve been working hard to bring the program to more countries around the world. Last week, we launched Google Trusted Stores pilot programs in the UK (Google Certified Shops) and France (Google Marchands de confiance). And today, we’re introducing a pilot of Google Trusted Stores in Australia.

Google Trusted Stores is a program that helps shoppers identify online stores that offer a great shopping experience. For retailers, it creates an opportunity to differentiate their business, attract new customers, and increase sales by displaying a Trusted Stores badge, awarded to merchants that demonstrate a strong track record of on-time shipping and excellent customer service. When a shopper hovers over the badge on the merchant’s site, they’ll see helpful performance metrics, plus information about free purchase protection from Google. Here’s what the badge looks like in Australia:

Our goal with Google Trusted Stores is to give shoppers the reassurance they need to shop confidently online at a broad set of stores. And we also aim to help excellent merchants expand their e-commerce businesses. Based on the success stories that we’ve seen in the US, we expect that participating in Google Trusted Stores will drive meaningful increases in online sales in other countries as well.

For the international pilot programs, we’re proud to be working with a great set of retailers in each country (please note - you’ll only see the badge for a particular country if you are located in that country):




Google Trusted Stores is entirely free, both for shoppers and merchants. If you’re an international retailer and interested in the program, please let us know here: AU, UK, FR. US retailers can apply here.

Posted by Brian Marquardt, Group Product Manager, Google Shopping