We all have friends who procrastinate their holiday purchases until the last few days before Christmas, but do you know anyone who has already started their holiday shopping? You should! By the end of this month, 35% of consumers will already have begun their holiday shopping.

Similar to last year, in 2010 holiday shoppers are starting their shopping early and will likely be ending late. Every consumer differs in their research and shopping patterns, so spend your advertising budget wisely. To target the early birds, consider running a "Christmas in Summer" type of promotion; over the past few weeks Target, Toys R' Us and Sears have gotten consumers in the holiday spirit.

Most importantly, if you haven't started funding your holiday search campaign, you should! And keep funding your programs throughout the next five months as more consumers start their research and complete their holiday purchases.

Source: Google/OTX State of Shopping, May 2010.

Posted by Heidi Spector, Google Retail Team