Lady Gaga has over 12 million Facebook fans. Starbucks just surpassed 10 million Facebook fans last week. It's social media, and it's fun. But how many of your customers are fans of your brand and what do they want out of that relationship?

According to our latest research, only 50% of Facebook users “friend” brands; this means that more than half of users don’t friend brands, and the ones who do generally just friend one or two.

For the consumers who do friend your brand, what are they looking for? Discounts!

So when developing your social media strategy, keep in mind that consumers are looking primarily to receive promotions, with secondary goals of learning new information first and being entertained.

*Please note the source was originally cited incorrectly. Source: Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies as cited in press release, noted in eMarketer, March 10, 2010. Ages 18+. Note: Respondents are fans of at least one brand.